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About Us

CLOSER is bringing the social enterprise community together - making connections and sharing stories, experiences and ideas. 

We think you're going to get something special from being a part of the Social Impact Ireland online community hub. Part of our role is to bring this unique community together, to create for themselves, guided by themselves, a strong community - one where each is respected for who they are, where learnings can be shared, mutual support offered, successes shared and difficult moments eased.

Join CLOSER today and say Hello to the social enterprise community around Ireland and further.

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What they say

"Closer has been a great tool for linking in with other Social Entrepreneurs and hearing opportunities to further the mission of my social enterprise" 
- Mamobo Ogoro, Gorm Media

"As a solo social entrepreneur, I find the support from like-minded people on a very similar journey invaluable. The updates, links, funding opportunity news, and general chat are so useful."
- Rachel Tyrell, The Colour Club

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for joining Closer. If you have any questions, contact us here.